Locally App

Privacy Policy

Stored Data

All data is stored locally on the device and is never sent to the Internet. Device Names are sent to peers on your local network.

Device Name

You set this in the preferences. This name is how your device is presented to your peer devices.

File Metadata

This includes metadata of the files you selected to transfer, which are not yet completed transferring.

Required Permissions

Note that the app doesn’t require universal access to the external storage of the device. Instead, it uses Android’s Scoped Storage feature to access only the files you select and when you select them.


This permission is needed to obtain the local address of the network the device is connected to.


This permission is needed to send files over the network.

Security Measures

The app doesn’t encrypt files during transfer. It is intended to be used inside trusted networks, such as your home Wi-Fi. Please avoid using this app to transfer sensitive data in untrusted networks like public Wi-Fi networks.

By using this app, you agree to this policy. Notices about changes to this policy will be included in the app update summary.


For any inquiries, please contact nicktrandafil@gmail.com.